Pay Per Click Services

Pay Per Click Services

Pay Per Click or PPC as it’s shortened to is a term to describe the adverts that can appear on the top of search engines, particularly Google. The software behind the adverts on Google is Google AdWords and it is used to customise adverts, set budgets and target the keywords that the ads will come up for.

PPC is used to get right in front of searchers online and above those who are top on organic listings – at a cost. PPC adverts are billed on a cost per click (CPC) basis and the adverts are set to a daily budget. Although PPC has a cost it has been proven to be very effective at getting enquiries when managed by a professional.

We at RJ Digital Marketing have experienced managing budgets from £10 a day to £10,000 a day and returning a high profit, we would never recommend anyone using Google AdWords or any PPC campaign without proper training and expertise as the results that can be costly.

We offer the full suite of PPC management – from keywords research, advert content and effective budget management meaning all you need to worry about is dealing with the leads that come in.

Get in touch with RJ Digital Marketing today to see what we can do for you existing PPC campaign or if you’re thinking of using it for the first time with your business.

Although we are a St. Helens PPC company we can cater any business in Merseyside and nationally.

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What's Included In The PPC Package?

Customer Research

Keyword Research

We will take care of the keyword research for the most cost effective ads.


Budget Management

We will make sure to make your budget generate the most leads as possible



We won’t just set it up and walk away, we will constantly improve the campaign.

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