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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a group of techniques that help a website rank better on search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo among others. As we all know, more people than ever use search engines throughout the day to find products and services – where a website ranks on search engines for a particular search has a massive impact on where people end up.

When you’re website is optimised by RJ Digital Marketing it will be able to target your audience better with content that targets the correct keywords surrounded by great content that captures the visitors interest and creates genuine leads for your business.

Our SEO package doesn’t end there – Google and other search engines prefer fast websites which are free of errors and RJ Digital Marketing make sure to boost the speed of your website and clear any errors your website may have.

SEO isn’t a one time thing – to maintain performance a website must always be fresh and up to date. RJ Digital Marketing’s SEO package is an ongoing project which keeps your website competitive and relevant. Getting to the top is one objective of SEO and staying there is another. Choosing RJ Digital Marketing as your digital marketing partner is a worthwhile investment.


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What You'll Get With Our SEO Package

Online Presence

We work on getting your website noticed by a targeted audience on major search engines.


Expert Strategy

We will discuss what SEO is needed, what’s involved and how we can achieve your goals.

Professional Relationship

We’re all about the long term strategy and we want to help you have a long lasting online presence.

What does the SEO package involve?

SEO St HelensWhether you’re a local St. Helens company or a nationwide company based in St. Helens the SEO Package more or less takes the the same route.

Determine goals

Before we begin we want to know what you want to achieve with search engine optimisation. Are you looking to get more leads from St. Helens? Are you just starting out and want to just get your website out there on the internet? Perhaps you may have a website but it doesn’t seem to be doing much for you, maybe because it hasn’t had SEO in the past or may have had SEO in the past and it’s all gone wrong?

Determining what you want out of the partnership helps us define timeframes, how many hours you will need to get where you want to be in X months. Unsure of what you want? Get in touch and let’s have a conversation.


The second step is to take a look at your online presence as is. We’ll look at your current search engine rankings, your local map listings, the state of your website. Before getting to work we need to know what we’re dealing with to determine the best course of action. The analysis is a thorough step and looks at everything, in summary;

  • Check for your social media presence
  • Check for map listings
  • Analysis or addition of analytics software
  • Website technical analysis
  • Conversion tracking
  • Check for online reputation
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research


Based on your goals, what we have seen of the current state of your online presence we will make recommendations which highlights the best course of action, how long we will need to work on it every month to get you the results you want in a reasonable timeframe and of course, the monthly cost.


If you’re happy with the recommendation and want us to get to work then we will schedule in the first month, which is the setup month. The first month of work is where RJ Digital Marketing will effectively ‘set up their stall’. We will install our tools, set up progress spreadsheets and workout the workload ahead and prioritise what needs to be done first. It may not look like a lot is getting done but the first month is the most important month. A good house always has a solid foundation.

The SEO Work

Once the analysis and setup is done it’s time to get to work. The work is largely dependant on the recommendations but in general we build links, work on content, repair the website if needed, improve page speed; essentially we optimise the site for search engine using all the resources and experience we have available to us.


Typically at the beginning of every month we report on what’s been done, the performance of the site and highlight what we will do next. The end goal of every SEO St. Helens project is the return on investment and we will report how we’ve used your hard earned money to make you more.